Current Projects

 Path Entanglement 

Path Entanglement is a mixed-media, texture painting series inspired by the concept of paths, which is extrapolated from my thoughts on the Australian aboriginal philosophy of Songlines, on Quantum Entanglement, and on people, life and the world.  This series represents this extrapolation in a tangible way.  

The style used in these paintings, is a unique type of mixed media/texture that I created.  These paintings are created on canvas with gesso, yarn, acrylic paint and sometimes, other materials.  I started working on Path Entanglement in 2010.

 Feathers and Paint 

Feather's and Paint is a mixed-media painting series inspired by feathers. It is a whimsical series intended to tickle and launch an imaginative flight of fancy in the observer.

These paintings are created on canvas with gesso, feathers, glue, and acrylic paint.  I started working on Feather's and Paint in 2011.


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